Sudden Illness

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flyinglead, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Situation of a good friend got me to wondering how you high risk traders handle it.
    My Friend had a stroke Saturday Night. Currently in intensive care.
    He trades commodities. Options mostly, but I think he was branching out into the futures themselves. Since he trades thru the same broker I use, I gave them a heads up in case he was into something that could go south real fast.

    That got me to wondering how you prepare for that situation if you are strictly trading online and have trades out overnight that could stand to lose you a lot of money if not attended to and they go the wrong way. (or even if you are daytrading and something happens)

  2. I would close all trades first and sit on cash. Once I'm out of the hospital I would resume trading.
  3. Yeah but that's just because you take your papertrading a little too seriously.
  4. hmm...well for me i can't even remember the last trade i held overnight where significant market moving considerations were an issue. hope your friend is ok and i hope that nothing he is in goes against him. good luck and well wishes.
  5. 9 posts a day???? Maybe you should get out sometime and enjoy the sunshine. LOL
  6. that's assuming you can. What if it happens unexpectedly and you can't?

    I realize with daytrading where you are in and out quick, the chances are pretty slim. But I know a person who made a quick trip to the biffy, strained too hard and died of a heart attack.