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    !! angry rant follows !!

    Ok, imagine the following hypothetical situation. A senior trader gets a talking-to from the head of the department. Apparently, a young lady that was working with him as a trader-trainee, quit.

    To be specific, she asked to be transfered to a different desk. Why? Well, she told the head "The trader I work with sucks. He is angry, rude and can't explain shit." Might be true. It's the nature of this biz, a trader sometimes has to be an angry, rude bastard.

    Question is though - if you are unhappy with how you're treated/trained, why not to talk to him first?
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    At least she wasn't accusing you...uh...I mean the trader, of grabbing her ass! :D
  3. I agree with you that she should have spoken with the trader first, in a non-confrontational manner regardless of his demeanor. But we don't know the whole story blah blah blah.... however I have always been a fan of direct dialogue versus circumvention.

    I also agree with you that the trader's demeanor as you described it is consistent with the business, at least as I knew it. It doesn't surprise me that "she" had problems dealing with the nature of the game. Sorry gals, but the only women traders I ever saw that were consistently successful had sunk to the level :) of the men in the pit.
  4. He's angry, rude, can't explain shit, yet he wants to be treated with understanding and tolerance, respect, tact and courtesy. He got exactly what he deserved.
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    Please calm down.:p

    If you work at Wall Street, you must deal with office politics, finger-pointing, conflicts of interest, ass-kissing, etc. These are rules of the game. It is fair that everyone tries his best to protect himself. The system has been fine-tuned so that only "TEAM PLAYERS" can climb up the corporate ladder easily. Similar scenarios probably occur everyday.
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    I say good riddance. If she can't put up with a little rudeness to learn trading, then she does'nt really want to be a trader. The market is a lot more rude than any one person can be.
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    Did plenty of time as a trader at a primary in NY. This is a common occurrence. Traders really don't have time for trainee's. They also often come from pedigree institutions and expect monster money and respect for the fact that they graduated. Hate to break it to them but it doesn't work in trading or investment banking. They should go into sales and if that doesn't work, maybe car sales.
  8. Why ?
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    Nice guys finish last. Most people at Wall Street equate "being nice" with "being incompetent". It is easier to get attention or help by behaving in the above-mentioned manner.
  10. I've never worked there, so I'll assume you're right. I just find the psychology strange - On the contrary, I would have thought the guy that is making the big bucks would find it quite difficult to be "angry and rude". Whereas the guy that's a complete waste of space and his middle name is loser wouldn't have any problem being "angry and rude". But hey, that's just how I would read the two types of behaviour.

    Have a good weekend...
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