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  1. I was relaxing at the beach in this great weather down here in Miami.

    Sucks to be you.

    Storm socks Midwest, cancels flights, closes roads
    (AP) – 1 hour ago
    CHICAGO (AP) — A powerful, gusty storm dumped mounds of snow across the upper Midwest on Sunday, closing major highways in several states, canceling more than 1,600 flights in Chicago and collapsing the roof of the Minnesota Vikings' stadium.
  2. Eight


    yeah but snow is so beautiful...

    it's wonderful where I am right now, was about 80 degrees mid afternoon here on the left coast somewhere, not saying where, why invite more people to spoil paradise?? Home prices are keeping 99% of the US population at bay but still, why even tell them about it? Besides, if that is a once in a hundred years storm, well that means it will be better in the coming years, no?
  3. CA rocks