Sucker's Rally?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by duard, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. duard


    So is the coming rise into this Wednsday a bull trap for another sizeable leg down into the end of October or has the next leg up into new high's in store?
  2. Its not a suckers rally,

    Its a safety short setup.
  3. Looks like a suckers rally in airlines downtrends;
    tek stocks. looks like its a bull market you know.

    OCT looks like a bear killer in tek stocks;
    last quarter in tek stocks tend to be good-uptrends,
    even in bear markets.:cool:
  4. this is option expiry week right?

    what makes you think the market rallies into WED
    or stops rallying if it does go higher monday or tuesday than fridays close ?

  5. duard


    Good point. Just a guess. High on Wednesday, sideways into Friday then look out below but what I know.
  6. duard


    So, We are up into wed. and massively sideways into Friday.

    Volatility is up as is usually the case near bottoms buuuuttttttt this time feels a little different....
  7. qiuniu


    Its the October thing for me. I keep looking at plays and keep walking away.

    Too many pros sitting on the sidelines makes me nervous...
  8. duard


    Well here we are at support again.

    If we continue south we are still sitting on some beefy longterm support around 1160 in the ES. We've builtin a new layer of support where we sit now. Seasonality looking favorable. Is this buy the dip again?
  9. Buy some here, wait for confirmation. Trade small to avoid bogus stops. Dow under 9800 yields truth of the matter if it happens.