Sucker's Gap Up Tonight

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  1. The Europeans are a bunch of clowns putting lipstick on the PIIGS. The only way the market will pay attention is if they chop off Greece, get rid of the gangrene with amputation. These piecemeal bailouts will not work.

    I would fade any moves above 1130.

    The emperor has no clothes, and this is just another selling opportunity until we retest that "crash" low on Thursday of 1060.
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    So, are u selling short the ES now? or waiting for the open?
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    Too many people think we will retest lows of 1060. Wouldn't the theory say that if so many people believe it would happen, then it wouldn't?
  4. Yeah well somebody keeps selling 1130 is that you motherf*cker? I mean it is Mother's Day and all. Oh yeah it's only 1232 mini contract so Bwahahaha.

    Just kidding sorry to be such an assh8le
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    More quick bailouts costing trillions of dollars. Only fools think this is going to be the fix these countries needed when in reality these bailouts will prove nothing yet again.
  6. One thing they may provide is the "insurance" against default on those bonds so the yields should decrease and they will fund their debts at better yields and wont get into an infinite spiral of raising cash to repay the higher debts until default. It will also lower the pressure on the European and international banks who have loads of those debts.
    But how Wall street is going to see it is another story that we will see tomorow.
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    How do you spell DEFLATION? It is spelled on a worldwide basis, deal with it and you will be fine.................FIGHT it and you will wither on the vine.

    DEFLATION will hit asset values, wages, benefits, etc, etc, on and on. The continuing deflation in home values was just the start.

    PS: how much have your savings deflated with the puny interest you receive relative to before....................dirt cheap interest rates are the working mans boggyman. Governments use ZERO interest rates to try and stimulate the economy when demand is in the dumpster. The old ways are dead and buried..........Greece is just the tip of the iceberg of the old system falling away.

    The world is a changing...........thank you Bob Dylan.
  8. But what is lame is the unnatural reaction to worldwide deflation as a result of the Worldwide Central Bank's manipulativie machinations. Hence precious metal spikes in the context of deflationary pressure as well as pockets of strength. The USD Euro Remnibi Yen balance, etc. It would be easier if the market justed played out the natural course instead of this stuff. In the end the volatility just increases but with less ability to take advantage of it.

    IMHO of course.
  9. What's funny is I posted then read the above post. We said the same thing but obviously the author is eloquent and I like Bar talk. If I was that well spoken then I guess I wouldn't be serving fries at McDonald's while he takes his kids on ski trips ; ):D
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