Sucker rally done?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Think I will book some profits long and hang on the sideline or get greedy into close?
  2. dozu888


    there is no such thing as 'sucker rally'

    a rally is a rally. more demand than supply, price going up.

    who knows a week/month/year from now, price will be higher/lower than today?

    who knows when you call the buyers 'suckers' today, and yourself won't turn out to be the ultimate sucker a week/month/year from now?
  3. Wise words. You don't hear them much on ET.
  4. There is such thing as a sucker rally, it is when shorts cover all at once. :p
  5. S2007S


    we had the same exact market action last week, AXP came out with a warning and the markets fell hard again, seems that there is no direction in this market now, one day it looks like its headed back to 13,000 the next 12,000.
  6. Yeah, IBM fueling the DOW. I already dumped my dip buy from Friday into this strength. I was honestly just hoping for a +100 day and got it. I'll just hang on the sideline for now...

    I'm tempted to fade this right now but will sit tight. GL.
  7. dsq


    caveat emptor:

    c reports tomorrow morning
    intc reports tomorrow after close
  8. Sold too early like the Bernanke pump and dump last week. Guess I should of got greedy on the long side of things... We'll if the the covering and momo buying goes into the bell.
  9. dsq


    u had balls to go long friday ...u came out with profit...thats good enough....c reports before open and todays gains will be wiped out if the report sucks-as it should....This market is day to day drama.

  10. I scalped some upside and am happy with that trade. I still have some short etf's. I am think of catching the dip in those going into tomorrow.

    I think we open lower tomorrow morning.
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