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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sucker, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. I cannot successfully discretionary trade. I only make money trading my mechanical systems. They force me to do right. Otherwise, I am lost.

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  2. Rinse and Repeat ..... 100 times :)


    The hardest part is finding this and then staying flexable as market conditions call for it.

    Trading is a process not a destination :cool:
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  3. Yes. And so what?
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  4. Cheese


    Hi Sucker, be a sucker no more.

    Markets don't really offer edges. (Of course if you say YOU have an edge and you make money from it, fine.)
    The thing is the market is the market. Know it.

    If you just look at the DOW (ie index futures) and its gyrations usually day after day its really smacking you hard around the chops and saying
    "Hey I'm zero sum game. Play me and make yourself rich."

    Short answer. Research. Data assembly. Analysis. Trading model.
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  5. What I mean: What's wrong with trading a (winning) system?
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  6. Please state your handle, proclaim you are a SUCKER, then give us your sad story and what you plan on doing about it.

    This is gonna be a great learning thread!

    You can learn as much or more from the Losers than from the Winners.

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  7. GSCO


    The sad part is that you know this already. You hear the same shit everytime. Every book ever written on trading has the same psychological reasons for losing money.

    not true. You can tell a 'sucker' over and over what they are doing wrong and they still end up doing it.

    And the people who constantly lose, subconciously know when they are doing the wrong thing, but in the end they don't care enough, and are just too greedy or scared to do the right thing.

    The people who get it can keep their greed just one level below their intelligance.

    The people who don't always let their greed get out of hand. Even if they said they weren't going to.

    good luck
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  8. Until you realize that YOU ARE GIVING YOUR MONEY ("they" are not taking it!) there is no hope for you.

    I suggest you read "Trading in the Zone" by Mark Douglass
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  9. you all are crazy fools sucker has not been on in over a year. sucker was a beaten man but i will cherish his post. i think i am going shopping next weekend with somebodys money here but who's will it be?
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  10. won't be mine 'cause I won't give you any :p


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