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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sucker, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. Sucker



    So, you mean the 10% are accomplished suckers. They learned to accept their sucker condition and just went on...
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  2. xianokie


    Its me that took your money. I went out to eat this weekend with what you lost in the market to me last week. Sorry about that, no I lie I am not sorry. Someone has to lose their money I feel its better you lose yours than me lose mine. Take care and keep sending your money my way.
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  3. Sucker


    What? You??? I can't believe that. I will cut down my trading size and risk exposure so that you get hungry!:p
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  4. tampa


    ,,,God, what I would give to be your friend...
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  5. Either that, or your opponent will break his hand.
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  6. Blingo


    If they told you who they are and why they do it, they might not get your money anymore. Sounds like a losing proposition for them.

    So you're saying the 10% who make money have these secrets to making money and if they talk about them the other 90% will find out about it and dilute their profits?
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  7. Sucker


    ha ha ha... :p
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  8. He will not get hungry. A sucker is born every minute.:p
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  9. prox


    Basically what anyone will tell you:

    Have a set trading method that works better than random chance , whether going by indicators, prices, patterns, MAs or a combination of them all.

    With the system, you should know what price you want to get in at , what price to set your stop and what needs to happen for you to get out of your trade.

    That way, your decisions are already set in stone and you don't really need to deal with the emotional issues that'll cause you to self destruct.

    and always control your risk.

    max # shares you can trade = ((risk %) * (account size)) / ((entry share price - stop price))

    Once the trade moves in your favor, tighten the stops per your system and let the trade run until your exit signal is triggered.
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  10. Sucker


    Thanks prox for your advice.

    I have heard that trading, at a professional and successful level, is very boring. I mean, it entails a carefully planned trading strategy which is religiously executed.

    Entertainment and excitement is for us suckers, who lose our money in the way a gambler loses his money to the house in a cassino.

    #20     Oct 22, 2002