sucked in by reverse splits of otc/pink stock

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  1. vetten


    hi folks,

    I was trading the ultra low otc and pink sheet stock, you know
    like 0.02 cents per share for a while and wow did I make some
    nice profits in the first month.
    Well it didn`t last long aye and the next month the fun began.
    The reverse splits were coming left - right - and centre, eg
    reverse split 1000:1, so a price at 0.02 cents before the split
    should in theory become 20 cents a share.
    Well folks before the day was over that 20 cents share dropped
    to 10 or even 4 cents a share and I lost 50-80% on my gamble.
    That is if I was quick enough to sell the first day, otherwise my
    losses would even be higher!

    Now I wonder if these reverse splits must be filed somewhere,
    BEFORE the company can implement these changes?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Imagine


    the two daily update on should give you a forewarning

    you can sign up for a daily update email
  3. zdreg


    could you please explain where to find the daily update on
  4. Imagine


    on the top part of the page the first heading in the row of headers you should see daily list

    when you click on that you should see to your right a header named headlines

    click on the latest year for example and it takes you to another page where you will see three columns of info

    the first two columns will show info of any reverse split that will take place shortly along with name changes etc etc etc, the last columns has any divy info

    hope this helped
  5. zdreg


    thx very much for your assistance. however , i do not receive the information in the manner you describe.


    01/31/2007 15:29:43|A||ALRP||Alpine Resources Corporation Common Stock|02/01/2007|**|||U
    01/31/2007 14:03:26|D||COBNE||Continental Beverage and Nutrition, Inc. Common Stock|02/01/2007|Failure To Comply With NASD 6530; Added to Other OTC (COBN) **|||U
    01/31/2007 15:29:43|D||DELML||Delmarva Power & Light Company 4.56% Preferred Stock|02/01/2007|Called for Redemption 1/18/2007 ($105.00/sh) **|||U
    01/31/2007 15:29:43|D||DELMM||Delmarva Power & Light Company 4.28% Preferred Stock|02/01/2007|Called for Redemption 1/18/2007 ($104.00/sh) **|||U
    01/31/2007 15:29:43|D||DELMN||Delmarva Power & Light Company 4.20% Preferred Stock|02/01/2007|Called for Redemption 1/18/2007 ($103.00/sh) **|||U
    01/31/2007 15:29:43|D||DELMO||Delmarva Power & Light Company 4% Preferred Stock|02/01/2007|Called for Redemption 1/18/2007 ($105.00/sh) **|||U
    01/31/2007 15:29:43|D||DELPP||Delmarva Power & Light Company 5% Preferred Stock|02/01/2007|Called for Redemption 1/18/2007 ($104.00/sh) **|||U
    01/31/2007 13:30:56|D||VCSTW|| Inc Warrants 2/3/2007|02/01/2007|Expiration **|||U
    01/31/2007 13:30:56|S1|IVDQE|IVDNQ|Innovative Designs, Inc. Common Stock|Innovative Designs, Inc. Common Stock|02/02/2007|Delinquent **|||U
    01/31/2007 13:30:56|S1|LXRAE|LXRA|Lexaria Corp. Common Stock|Lexaria Corp. Common Stock|02/02/2007|Delinquent **|||U
    01/31/2007 13:30:56|S1|MFLWE|MFLW|Moneyflow Systems International, Inc. Common Stock|Moneyflow Systems International, Inc. Common Stock|02/02/2007|Delinquent **|||U
    01/31/2007 13:30:56|S1|MLPHE|MLPH|Molecular Pharmacology (USA) Limited|Molecular Pharmacology (USA) Limited|02/02/2007|Delinquent **|||U
    01/31/2007 13:30:56|S1|UPFSE|UPFS|UniPro Financial Services, Inc. New Common Stock|UniPro Financial Services, Inc. New Common Stock|02/02/2007|Delinquent **|||U
    01/31/2007 13:30:56|S2|FNMM|GNWA|Finmetal Mining Ltd. Common Stock|Gondwana Energy Ltd. Common Stock|02/01/2007|**|||U
    01/31/2007 13:30:56|S2|NXHZ|YTLI|NexHorizon Communications, Inc. Common Stock|Y-Tel International, Inc. Common Stock|02/01/2007|1-8.5 R/S **|||U
    01/31/2007 13:31:00|A||BYWT||Bywater Resources Inc. Common Stock|02/01/2007||||u
    01/31/2007 13:31:00|A||CMVT||Comverse Technology, Inc. Common Stock|02/01/2007|From G (CMVT)**|||u
    01/31/2007 14:03:22|A||COBN||Continental Beverage and Nutrition, Inc.

    thx for any help on this matter.
  6. Imagine


    strange as i see exactly what i was mentioning

    try this

    go to the date Jan 29 with the time 4:01:56

    look down the list and you see a couple examples of r/s being mentioned that will take place the next day

    sometimes the daily list will even give you more than a days notice

    click on the date and time link and it will be much clearer
  7. zdreg


  8. Like these:

    01/29/2007 13:45:56|S2|DRMN|DRMS|Dreams, Inc. New Common Stock|Dreams, Inc. Common Stock|01/30/2007|1-6 R/S

    01/29/2007 15:29:17|S2|VSHD|CDVM|VShield Software Corp Common Stock|Caribbean Developments, Inc. Common Stock|01/30/2007|1-1000 R/S

    See the R/S? Reverse Split
  9. zdreg


    i see the r/s. is it possible to get the information in the more readable 3 column format?

    the text fprmat does not allowing clicking for further info.
  10. Imagine


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