Such low volume on Eurex ?!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by fluttrader, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Any reason for that ?
  2. Ching Ming Festival?
  3. Nonfarm Payrolls
    Wait one hour - there will be a lot of heat.
  4. Most days with NFP data have more volume..
  5. Ching Ming Festival - China bank holiday

    Beijing Bank Holiday
    Guangzhou Bank Holiday
    Shanghai Bank Holiday
    Shenzen Bank Holiday

    Hong Kong Bank Holiday
    Macau Bank Holiday
    Dakar Bank Holiday
    Taipei Bank Holiday
  6. Yes, but look on charts.
    It is question to be or not to be - leg up or leg down. Big tension...


  7. That must be the extra reason besides NFP
  8. wenzi


    Taiwan Bank Holiday. The whole country had a holiday, not just Taipei.
  9. Sorry, I forgot to copy and paste that one.
    The point was made
  10. Yeah,Eurex is a bullshit Exchange filled up with a bunch of bullshit contracts.
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