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  1. I have almost finished Market Wizards and have been introduced repeatedly to successful traders, talking about their successes, however, none have provided a somewhat detailed previous trading strategy.

    I am hoping that there is someone out there that has had a strategy work in the past that they either don't use any longer, or no longer works- what I am looking for is just to see what people look for in a strategy, what they use, what they look for, etc.

    You may contact me IM (aol) at bcldemon or post here

    Thanks in advance!

  2. The reason why they do not tell their strategies is because then they most likely will lose their edge in forecasting and making trades.
  3. I am hoping to find someone that can provide a strategy that bear no resemblance to what they are excercising right now. I am just looking to see what inputs they have in a previous strategy so I can more easily and successfully form mine-

  4. I have discovered some ground rules that seem to work with the ES. Now I do not know if this helps but it might narrow your criteria for a viabe system, methodology, set up or signal to trade.

    Risk/Reward should be 1:3.
    Win Rate should be 30% or better.
    Set up should give you an anticipatory entry and exit.
    The trend is your friend.
    Multipe contract trading should utilize a BE strategy.
    Use S/R as important decision making levels.
    MAE and MFE should not be ignored.

    Hope this helps.

    Michael B.
  5. A good money management strategy should be implored.

    If you have a high win rate with a fixed target/stop....use kelly

    All other use Van Tharpes Volitility model or Ryan Jones Fixed Ratio Method.

    Michael B.