Successful traders keep silent because trading is so simple...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ion, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Successful traders have access to superior tools and knowledge that make then stand apart. However, you can still do very well without high tech or insider knowledge.
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  2. The REAL key is not that trading is simple (well not to me consistantly) it is even if you give someone a system that is fool proof almost no one will follow it.

    Look at the Turtles they were all given the EXACT SAME SYSTEM and there was a wide range of results from Curtis Faith who made millions to some of them who were never profitable. People think too much and try and second guess and that is why systems dont often work.

    So I think you can give away trading secrets simply because very few will follow them.
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  3. How would you know you just recently stated you dont even trade!
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  4. lol:D :D :D
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  5. I'm getting into options so i;ll be able to trade like a leveraged options pr0
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  6. Why dont you just trade? Options are a tough game as a rule unless you are simply going to buy and hope. Sounds like you have just been on an Optionetics course.
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  7. The stock_trad3r "blow up meter" just kicked into overdrive.
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  8. lol:D :D :D

    ps. some great posts here. The truth I have found is that if it's widely taught , or makes it's way to a book, then it doesn't work well. That my friends is the way a market works. If everybody is doing the same thing the guy on the other side will be the winner. Another thing in trading, as in life., KEEP IT SIMPLE YOU DUMBASS. I call that the KISUD method:D

    Rennick Livermore out
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  9. LOL.
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  10. Most successful traders probably don't have a secret method to give away.

    Over the last 5 years I have met a few successful traders and a lot more unsuccessful traders (many of whom no longer try).

    The successful traders trade the same strategies that unsuccessful traders trade.
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