Successful traders keep silent because trading is so simple...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ion, Jul 3, 2007.

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    The most complex TA I use is there to tell me when to take a break :D
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  2. Excellent! Now, you make is seem so simple :)
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  3. It sometimes really is. Knowing when every bid or offer will get taken out takes some experience, but when you spot it happening or about to happen, it's like a light flashing on... if you go through the prints on BBW on that day when it fell 8 points, all the while being mindful of the fact that most the bids you see getting taken out were already there sitting in the open book, you can see a perfect example of just how simple it is... the sellers just never let up.
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  4. Discretionary level 2 trading? What is this, the 90s all over again?
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  5. Level two I think is well over rated but then thats maybe because I cant see the value. It tends to be something the SwiftTrade blokes are taught which says enough really as most wash out but a few do well.
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  6. lar


    Great point. Even if it was recognized, would it carry the same weight as it does with the trader who learned it via trial by blood, sweat, tears and fire. Probably not.
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    that post by "FXTRADERWILL" was probably one of the most interesting/informative i've ever seen on thos board. its guys like him who make this board worth coming to.
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    I dont agree... i think the op misses the point. trading is a livelihood. why would you give away your business? you could argue all day wether or not giving away a strategy would ruin its effectivness....i would rather be safe than sorry...especially if my profession fed and clothed my familly. i also think the op underestimates very good traders. i think getting to the point of being a succesfull trader developes or requires a personality that has matured enough to keep ego in check.
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  9. Ego really is the killer of man.. As it applies to the trader, the killer of that as well.

    I think the reason why successful traders keep silent is not due to some malicious intent to keep everyone else down, but because there is nothing to prove. Success in one field trading, does not make a man whole. Its the balance of the persons life in all aspects that defines real success.

    Also, I am big proponent of the idea that "When the student is ready the teacher will appear". What I mean by this is that a person can give an entire trading method away, but without experience, and the individual process of self actualization it takes to get there, they will never fully reach a maximization of its utility.

    A person can walk right in front of a diamond, but if they are not looking down, or don't know what a diamond looks like, what use is it to them. How can you show proper gratitude for something you might not even know you have or uncovered.

    So in conclusion, I feel silence is kept because a. there is nothing to prove, and b. the student appears on his own when he is ready, so there is no need to signal that kind of attention. That being said silence does not always constitute an act of malice.

    Happy 4th

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