Successful you Tithe?

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  1. This is not intended to be religious. But just wondering how many of you successful traders give back 10%

    In the church, it means giving back 10% to the church. But I'm sure it can be extended to any good cause regardless of your believe system. Giving 10% to help others.

    Riddled with guilt about your great fortune?

    Then Tithe your gains and sleep better.

  2. lol, I suspect this is the least of et members problems.
  3. With all the posts and rants against welfare, I'd argue most traders don't tithe.
  4. I tithe 100% of my profits to the trading gods
  5. Yea I tithe.

    It's called the 'spread' on my shitty fills!

    The other side of my trade never thanks me though; pricks!


  6. I tithe to myself.
  7. No doubt religion conceived the concept of tithe; they don't produce anything of any real value to expect some sort of payment to fund their ongoing bs operations.
  8. something i have always wondered about. maybe you can help me. the christian god is described as all powerful. he created the earth with a spoken word. then he created man from a handfull of dirt by just blowing on it. and yet he needs our money and we have to give it to him filtered through a fast talking preacher. why?
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    I give every year, not to the church and not 10% for sure.
  10. Because if there weren't fast talking preachers, you'd have probably never heard of him. You do understand that God could "win" at any time, and this is more about faith...a test...right? I mean, if God came down to earth with the lightning and 60-foot tall Jesus swinging a Scythe, locust plagues, etc. and he said "WORSHIP ME", we'd all be on our knees praying. So how does he separate out "fair weather believers" from those who have faith? Its a sorting mechanism based on faith and it's pass/fail.

    But, I said this thread isn't about religion...this is about giving back. Give 10% of your winnings to Big Brothers/Big Sisters, or Cancer research, or whatever. Anything that will help people. Who knows...maybe you'll get help winning. :)

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