successful traders are obligated to Teach, here is why.

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    Hi everyone, Welcome. OK lets begin.

    for those who are new to my favorite website on entire internet (wow). ET does contain about 15 traders that are not only successful but quite wealthy as well when compared to average ET user who is not successful.

    I myself am a successful trader but not yet as wealthy as some here on ET. While younger wealthy traders would not be on ET much (because of youthful stamina and libido) Older traders DO roam ET and engage in discussions.

    I won't name names because such traders would be swapped by new people asking for advice, BUT I do want to propose that successful traders do have an obligation to teach because it is a moral thing to do.

    Most people assume that student would not appreicate it but it is a moral thing to do.

    I just realized that I myself am NOT willing to teach ungrateful lazy little bitchy weenies (for free anyway) and am now sorry to have wasted your time.

    Hey whatever, you try to do something original on ET, everything has already been said 100 x. :mad: :D
  2. It is a shame you haven't learned how to use the "Delete" button.
  3. LMAO
  4. I would disagree. Yes, the wealthy traders have a moral responsibility to give back to the community, but not release their trading strategies.

    It's threads like this that show how greedy a person is. You say you are successful, but you are requesting that all the successful traders teach their strategies that they worked so hard to craft. Most new traders are looking to strike it rich in the stock market, but aren't willing to work hard to develop their own system.

    No one is going to give you a free pass in entering the class of "Elite Traders".

    Sorry, bud. :(
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    I don't need a free pass "BUD"

    I am merely a trader and a philosopher
  6. ***
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    I am glad I amuse you Jimmy

    say did you figure out trading yet

    no I am asking seriously, I've been here watching you for a while, so where do you stand now are you a successful trader
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    Why? Are they wealthy because of the community, or because they were excellent at their profession? Let's say a garbage collector has no moral responsibility to give back to the community? After all, he is making a living out of the community, a wealthy trader does not...
  9. You've already answered your own question.

    That's why I won't teach you anything.

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    what is the matter with your logic Jimmy

    a simple YES or NO to my question would suffice

    anyway, I think we will all agree that a wealthy trader that graduated should AT BLOODY LEAST help his family and close friends
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