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  1. how many of you guys tyrade news? earnings/upgrades ect.. pre-market when you guys rae looking for stocks do you gravitate towards those with news? that usually means you are playing gap ups. or do you do better just finding intraday set ups?
  2. where's the poll? :)
  3. the poll is this: how many of you trade news/earnings ect..and play gap ups at the open opposed to waiting for intraday set ups?
  4. I believe he means a poll at the top of the thread which provides a percentage for each of the OP generated optional answers when you originated the thread.
  5. Exactly, there is a feature to set up a poll, thats all I was asking.

  6. steve,you're a nice guy a contribute greatly to this thread so bare with me with my lack of statistical skills. perhaps i should have posed this as a question opposed to a poll.
  7. minmike


    I don't trade stocks, but I do trade before the stock market open.
  8. I'll give you my answer, although I dont trade stocks anymore. When I did trade stocks, I focused on a core list that covered several sectors. If the sector or particular stock happened to be in the news that day, I still traded it but I usually didnt search the news for stocks to play. That core list I learned like the back of my hand by watching them day in and day out. Alot of guys prefer to play the biggest action of the day but I rather enjoyed the steady and predictability associated with the stocks I traded rather than the wild swings of the news stocks. Not to mention that most everyone else was trying to trade all the same news stocks so they got crowded. To each his own though.
  9. thanks steve.thats what i was looking for.
  10. actually,the reason i asked was i noticed thise traders that do play news/upgrades tend to be much less consistent.
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