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  1. Hi,
    These forums appear to be a wonderful resource for collaboration. To that end, I have recently become very interested in starting up as a CTA and would like partner with a successful trader. I would bring strong operations experience, initial starting capital and a deep network to raise both funds from high net-worth individuals as well institutional money. I have a bias towards 100% systematic systems and would prefer for the strategy to be shorter-term focused with trades completed either daily or for short durations.

    I would require that you have deep experience as a trader and a background that is highly marketable to potential clients. The trading system should have actual results for at least 18 months if possible and the results can be audited. It will obviously be very important to show strong returns relative to risk. It will also be critical to show the system can scale to a $50+mm range of assets under management which I plan to be the goal over the next 3+ years. If you are interested in potentially working together to build a successful platform and believe your system can be the cornerstone of a successful CTA startup, please PM me and we can correspond. As a side note, I am by not any means looking to find systems I can trade myself. I am not a trader and that is not within my skill-set.

    If anyone also has ideas on other resources online to find an interested and successful collaborator on this project, please do let me know.
  2. if you are successful it means you can be searched on Google. what is your name, kind sir?
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    It would be very interesting if you would return here in a few weeks and generally report on the responses you receive, if any.

    Of course names and numbers aren't important.

    But the fact that you do receive responses according to your specs...or you do not...would be useful information to members here in terms of their own expectations.