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  1. the real success in trading should not be about being able to make a certain amount of money or points per day, but, it should be about being able to take as many opportunities as the market gives you, without compromising your own trading style and your own rules.
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  2. frank123


    Big dip? I do not think so. Never happened in my trading, yet. I make sure I am well protected against it, ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS.
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  3. Dustin


    There's a place between winning and losing, and if you are still there after only 3 months then you are doing fine. Whatever you lost this past month is peanuts in the long run. Keep at it. Lower your costs.
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  4. profitz


    That is a beautiful thing and the sign of a great trader IMO. The key is to be able to leave that state of non-emotion behind when you shut down the computer.
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  5. yeah, keep banging out the tickets and you'll be fine...

    just cut your losses, keep your delta's neutral, put your back to the wind, walk on the sunny side and all that good stufff...

    just remember, that trading is not for the timid...
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  6. bmwstox


    everyone can define it differently.
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  7. frank123


    Thanks for your kind words. I have a well paid day job so I am not pressured to make money. I daytrade only, but I trade for the long haul. There will be a time when my skills are more mature and market condition is right. That is I think when all the toil will pay off.
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  8. From what I have seen, All I can say is at lunch beware of a person eating BAD CLAM CHOWDER...
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  9. This is funniest thing I've read in a very long time! acrary, you're killing me! LMAO!! This is Truth! :D
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