Success trading? - how do you leverage that?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lorax2013, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Just hoping someone may have advice for me.

    Since moving into the futures market 2 years ago I've averaged around a 45% annual rate of return. However, in most ways I'm still a newbie. (My background is in engineering and real estate). I do feel that I have a solid ability to produce better than average returns.
    Basically I'm content to just trade my own account (about $1 million), but it would certainly be nice to have greater liquidity or even some type of association with an existing entity.
    Among the many reasons I haven't pursued this:
    1. I have zero interest in dealing with regulations, accounting, or seeking investors.
    2. I'm not the kind of speaker who is going to inspire anyone with my brilliant trading insights. I simply focus on fundamentals and tenaciously research every aspect of my limited plays.

    Just thought I'd post on the off chance that there's anything someone like me can do to leverage past success. Thanks for your time in reading this.
  2. If you are good as you claim: Trade your own money, and take affordable risks.

    If you feel that your performance was temporary: Promote yourself, your performance and get investors in, and live off of management fee.