Success Trading Group - Anyone ever heard of?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Swish, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Phreedm


    These scams remind me of someone that was a flash in the pan a couple of years ago. Let me think....something to do with something like "candle WAX" ?
    My memory isn't what it use to be.........:D
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  3. Swish


    Thanks guys for the insight. I figured it was a fraud of some sort, but couldn't envision how it might work.

    I did e-mail them a few days ago to give me a historical link for their posted trades, haven't heard back from them - I'll post here if I hear back.

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  4. Phreedm


    Electron, let me get this say you don't trade stocks...but I see you've got 131 posts on ET since July!!?? Hmmmmm.......?? For someone not interested, that's a lot of wasted time.
    Now what was that you were saying about "frauds"?
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  5. I think he means that he trades futures.
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  6. You are obviously not the brightest person on this board. I trade futures. Ever heard about this? Ever heard about basic logic? Something to the effect of not jumping to conclusions, particularly before you can make sure that your premises are correct.

    Now, what was your post about? I guess it was a perfect illustration what wasting time is. You just wasted it...
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  7. brokerj


    Obvious scam is afoot.

    The replies are humorous and at times revealing.
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