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  1. This forum is a great place to get informed about some of the pitfalls of prop trading (unscrupulous business models, low success rate, etc) and this is important information. But if one is going to measure pot odds on the gamble of going prop you need to measure the risk versus the potential reward, right?

    Let's hear some success stories from the prevailing minority of profitable prop traders.

    Any happy prop traders care to share their stories? (income, daily routine, intellectual stimulation, etc)
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    Don't everyone rush at once to answer.
  3. :)

    :) LOL
  4. Yeah, because you're going to get a high response rate from successful prop traders on the Saturday night before superbowl Sunday.
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    Or ever.
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    Successful traders do not post on forums. Once you start making money you stop reading this kind of stuff.
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    Once you get the money machine cranking, it's cocaine and hookers.
  8. lol, for some of us, its helping others get to another day in paradise, just think about it.:)
  9. this is true for many

    not everyone though
  10. Lots of traders I know started off with some sort of silly strategy or idea that worked. Either they figured it out, or worked at a prop shop that taught it. They then parlayed that success into real success by refining their game over and over again continously. From what I have observed its a mix of 'right place right time' and inate skill.
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