Success Stories

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  1. Here's a blog to brag (politely) about your best successes. Be sure to mention how you shorted AAPL right at the top or picked up that penny stock right before it quadrupled.

    I'll start us off.

    I recommended a penny stock at $0.12 per share to some friends, family, and the CIO at my company. Everyone averaged in below $0.22 per share and within two months it has shot up to $0.50+. Some got in at $0.15 and others at $0.22.

    It's fun makin' money
  2. So you did a mini pump and dump among your friends... nice.
  3. Not quite.

    We're all holding onto it.

    Also, I don't pump and dump, why do you think I didn't mention the symbol, name, industry, sector, or even the exact price?

    Get your garbage negativity out of this thread.
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    who does this guy think he is.. timmmmy sykes?
  5. It sounds what you are really looking for is lucky stories.

    A couple of yrs ago, I bought a roofing company stock, ADDL, on the news that they received a 50 million dollar roofing contract after the Hurricane Katrina.

    Problem was that the local 11PM news released this information the day before the actual press release the next day.

    I watched the stock very carefully in the morning once it opened, and I said why not, let's just buy some.

    Luckily, the press release came out later in that day, and the stock shot up over 100% that day.

    I was a happy man that day. :D