Success’ on YouTube Still Means a Life of Poverty

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    You see youtubers getting donations from subscribers directly via Patreon or Paypal which more often beat ad revenue.

    eg Jordan Peterson was getting around $70,000 dollars a month about six months ago, then he made his income private on patreon. Probably over $100,000 dollars a month now.

    Also being a hot women helps. You get thirsty and lonely men throwing money at them. This seems to be based on men having a primitive need to provide resources to a women.
  3. So in addition to 15 minutes of fame,
    a trading channel on youtube should shatter all records!!

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    On youtube do 5 minute ads pay more than 30 seconds ads. Probably so, then by how much?

    Depending on how much time and effort does it take to make one video, even extra $500 a month to pay for car insurance, gas and beer should be good.
  5. Hire a pretty, young girl to talk about your ideas and products or services like as if it's her own original concept.
    Boom. instant YouTube success. (or hire a pretty young male)

    Ebay and PayPal fees, and Google Adsense and Youtube fees/commisions, and talent and sports Agents...All take a huge chunk out of your success. They are like the IRS...they will bleed you dry. :confused:

    It tough to be an online need like literally hundreds of millions of page views just to generate a somewhat decent, happy income.
    With trading, a single hermit no one has seen or talk to...can generate mountains, or millions.
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    There are several bubbly and sexy gals who offer lessons on exercises and yoga etc. They wear tight and short dresses and give "valuable" in looks on how to reduce fat on thighs, belly etc.

    No surprise that they have good views of several millions and subscribers touching millions.

    However, catch is a pretty/sexy gal would find her worth soon and ditch your "youtube pimp" services.
  7. Trading is less labour intensive though.
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    I don't think anybody will stay and watch a 5 min add... even 30 seconds is too long IMO...
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    But YouTube could be like an annuity?
  10. For a small period of time, probably.Trading is forever.
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