"success" clubs and organizations

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    I'm my life I have involved myself with a number of organizations whose members were ambitious.

    It is sad but people tend to fall into two groups, those who are ambitious - and bad; and those who are aimless - and also bad.

    Organizations like this tend to be run by a Nepali or a Turk, who drugs, brainwashes, and demoniacally possesses the members. Especially bad is the practice of poisoning members with neurotoxins to make them stupid and gullible.

    Those members who have good character and insight tend to leave quickly or not show up to begin with.

    Finding and making friends with someone who has good character and a reasonable intellect is nearly impossible. Like looking for a needle in a pile of shit covered razor blades. I actually suspect someone has been going around murdering anyone who is "smart" or "good" and leaving behind only cattle and swine.

    On the very rare occasion I meet someone who seems to fit the bill they have the same problem that such people tend to have. They have been alone and peerless for so long they have given up on paying any attention to anything anyone tells them. Who wants to try to have a conversation with a grunting pig? So its difficult to engage in any sort of collaboration. All chiefs and no indians.

    How does one go about making a functioning and worthwhile "success" club? Even attempting to do so will get you contested by every other club, crime syndicate, swingers club, intelligence agency, and so on. If they don't outright try to destroy it they will try to take it over.It would be nice if we had a functioning police force or military to protect us from such things but the former is only interested in stealing drugs and feeling up under-aged girls, and the latter just wants to steal oil and souls. How our country is supposed to survive without the "A" team is a mystery.

    You can't even score high on an intelligence test without getting stalked.

    I once put an ad up on craigslist looking for friends. I described a few character traits, my idea of "smart", and suggested a few disqualifying habits (cocaine, meth, casual exposure to body fluids and STD's) the only person to respond was a guy that was really interested in knowing my home address. Too interested.

    One nice way would be to use nuclear weapons to turn the earth into a ball of molten rock. Wait a few hundred thousand years for it to cool down then clone new humans from blood samples and start your own schools to educate them to be something other than cotton pickers. (My view is we are all slaves, even the billionaires)

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    That is absolutely not true. There are lot more people with good character and intelligent people than you think but the only way to find them is you have to have good character (which includes humility and respect btw) and be intelligent yourself. If you don't have good character which includes being arrogant and thinks nobody has reasonable intellect, then of course you are not going to find anybody who has "good character and a reasonable intellect"; everybody is going to appear to be stupid even if they have decent character to you.

    You have to be an "indian" first and not to be a "chief" all the time. If you are able to be an "indian" yourself in the first place you will soon find that everybody is an "indian" actually.

    You are still young and you will realize all those eventually while you go through life. Good luck!