Succesfull Traders Are Different - As Example...

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  1. To Be A Successful Trader You Need To Think And Act Differently...

    Here is a video file (.wmv) providing a very clear and instructive example of someone who is a contrarian acting a wee bit different from the crowd...

    This video will remind you of this concept when you are trading and help you apply the principle of contrarian trading...

    also watch carefully as their is a minor theme of scaling IN and OUT very carefully...

    You may need to watch it more than once to imbibe its subtle qualities and innate wisdom...

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    The notion that someone can be much more successful by acting differently does not hold much attraction.

    He or she probably is not any different. Smarter, almost certainly. An accurate trading system is a problem solving exercise. As a problem solving challenge it may be far too intense and take far too long for an ordinary wannabe to arrive at all the answers needed.

    To say someone else who is, say, highly successful, is different may be missing point. Failing to be smart enough and failing to put in all the time needed to get the answers, is what produces the so-called 95% of amateur traders who fail.
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    amen to that

  4. Wrong.

    Successful traders are smarter (you figured out a lot of shit the hard way) and/or luckier (somebody who loves you took you under their wing and schooled you and/or you just happened to come upon some really choice information ...) than those who aren't.

    Any combination of the above two qualities will suffice. :D
  5. OP is essentially correct

    I am very very very very different from most people

    I simply look at something, and I think about it

    rather than just look at it like a pretty picture

    look at this monitor in front of you and think about past and present and future of this object

    NOW look at the pen in front of you for ex

    think about The past of that object, the present and, likely future of that PEN

    if you can do that are then certifiable like me :p :p :p :p
  6. LOL, I'm sure he's happy that you vouched for him!:D
  7. Some of the dumbest people I've ever known were scalpers in the wheat pit, yet they made a decent living. They weren't lucky, but were able to make a good measure of the market at that time. Still, they were dumb as rocks.
  8. Happi... :D

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  9. Somebody told them what to do and how to do it, plus they had a hell'uv an edge there, wouldn't you say? :D
  10. It really isn't hard to tell when the market is going from bid to offer in the pit. That's a helluva edge, and a person with an IQ of 80 could figure that one out. Still, most of those guys figured it out for themselves, as why would someone help someone out to cut into their own piece of the pie.
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