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  1. Hi,

    I am looking for an "at home"or "one person office" trader--- no prop guys, or institutional people---who lives the good life strictly from trading profits for a minimum of the last 8 years. Someone who started small and reasonable--no trust fundies, or inherited wealth hobbyists--- in other words--trading ONLY has enabled you to live your dreams and you do live well. Must be documented and lifestyle must be reflective of success. No hermits with fat bank accounts but live under bridge types. This is for journalistic interest only for an article--would not be ideal, but you can be anonymous in article if you insist.

    Does anyone fit the above and are willing to be featured in national/worldwide article??

  2. Answering PM--- Any style, Any market, Any location. Just looking for success purely from trading. NO trust fundies, inherited wealth hobbyists or other business rich guys.


  3. Does trading success from selling second-hand copies of Options: Perception and Deception on eBay qualify?
  4. Pekelo


    I wanted to PM you for another reason (about my call, it was damn good) but your PM is turned off. So if you have been wondering why you are not getting anything, that is the reason...
  5. hi surf ... what made you choose that time frame ?

    why not 3 yrs , 5 yrs , 10 yrs etc ?
  6. nice call, pekelo!

  7. its just random.

    totally willing to consider other time frames of success.

  8. I ruled the friggen Markets last week, jury is still out on this week. Can you get me on the front cover of Forbes???

    Rennick Livermore out:D
  9. JM64


    does it count if ive been doing it since sept 2001...?....
  10. You just eliminated 99% of ET'd denizens, with that crack about hermits and bridges.
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