Subway has double MEAT

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  1. Does the corporation that owes Subway restaurants trade publicly? If yes and you know what the ticker symbol is, please let me know. Thanks

  2. Hey, that's my girlfriend's nickname for me: Double Meat

    Subway is still privately owned.
  3. Subway Restaurant is owned/operated by Doctor's Associates Inc., a privately held company.
  4. Is that insinuating that you have 2.....
  5. Doctor's Associates Inc ahh!! No wonder it's healthy and small. This is some grand scheme by these evil Doctors to get the citizens of the USA in better shape. :)

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  6. I so hate to have to tell you this, but she's hanging around a Quiznos.
  7. I'm more partial to Blimpee

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    I read somewhere that subway has the lowest startup costs for a fast-food franchise. I want to say less than 40k. Maybe you can invest in them by opening up one
  9. lol

    I'm actually looking in to franchising a Cheese Cake Factory within the next year. I love the meatloaf. I cant help it. :)

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    Well considering a meal at the cheescake factory costs more than my weekly income, I can't promise the startup will be 30k :). I imagine its a nice chunk of change, if you got it go for it.
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