Subtleties of JH method

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  1. The thread is about the nuances and subtleties of the Jack Hershey method.Chime in who cares,ladies and gents!

    Let`s iterative refine what`s left unspoken!
  2. Finally Jack, you are getting what these trolls are all about. Shift the burden of proof onto them, and they will go away.
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    I feel sorry for Hershey.

    He enthusiastically tried to share his discoveries about the markets, spent a lot of time and energy to fight his denigrators (most of them morons), and now because he still feels the compulsion to express his point, but needing to avoid confrontations and aggravation, he writes then erases everything he writes.

    Lesson to be learned: don't engage morons! It's hazardous to your well being.
  4. Funny , thread is only few posts as JH writes in disappearing
    ink now.
    20 minute Window of opportunity, then..... vanishing posts.
  5. Couldn`t catch what Jack had to say either.But i got a few lines for you,Jack!

    Investors should realize that normal market returns are extreme. Individuals that continue to believe in the Gaussian (bell-shaped) distribution, or ignore empirical results will continue to be surprised by future events. Roughly 40% of all yearly returns in US stocks are greater than 10% or less than -10%. Bear markets are common, and markets can and do decline from 50-100%.
    Financial market return distributions are similar to fractal systems that follow a power law distribution (which is useful in describing events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions). Below is a chart from the book The Failure of Risk Management by Hubbard that illustrates the inability of the Gaussian models to account for large outlier moves in financial markets. In a normal distribution world a 5% decline in the Dow in a single trading day should not have happened in the past 100 years. In reality, it has happened nearly 100 times.

    Couldn`t attach the chart,but you can find it here:
  6. opinions are necessary,ladies and gents.
  7. :)

    It was the milk,you just need to warm up the paper and you`ll see the words.

    words dissemble words be quick
    words resemble walking sticks
    warm them,they`ll grow
    watch them waiver so..
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    A statistical approach will yield statistical results. Imagine driving your car statistically. Driving it empirically is another laugh. People avoid knowledge like a plague.
  9. Imagine a truck load of Indians workers just hit another car suddenly...

    that was the first time i tasted fear...
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    jack doesn't have the habit of deleting his post, never have never will.
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