Substantial slippage on stops for Interactive Brokers?

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  1. Anyone else get ridiculous slippage? I'm seeing 4-5 pips at times. This is nuts. Oanda is hands down starting to look like one of the best out there with the exception of the flash widening and outages every once in a while. When I have a stop in Oanda it gets filled within the pip. Granted there are trade-offs but i'd take that any day over whatever problems they have.

    IB obviously isn't a bucketshop and gets quotes from various dealers. However, when i'm getting charged a commission, i'd expect better liquidity on 3-4 lots.

    I certainly wouldn't be so upset if your commissions weren't so damn high. I might be the only one saying this but you are NOT competitive for the average 4-5 lot trader.

    That aside, they're still probably the best out there.
  2. Slippage infliction in my experience is where some brokers make their money.I do not have experience with Interactive.
  3. IB does not participate or trade on IDEALPRO...
    You are trading against about 10 MM and 1000s of Customers.

    Both of you should get a clue...
    I don't know WTF you mean by "stop order"...
    But my Limit Orders get filled without any obvious problems...
    The NYSE is infinitely more crooked than IDEALPRO.
  4. Stop order? You don't know what a stop order is (stop loss)? If you actually traded maybe you'd know what i'm talking about.

    Yeah, if that was the case why the heck am I getting traded through by 4-5 pips.

    You're lost dude.

    IB's not competitive on IDEALPRO for daytrading on a smaller TF. I'd love to hear someone else's experience. Seeing as how you're not familiar with a stop order, i'm not sure how much you say is actually worth anything.
  5. I know that....if you learned how to read you would understand that from my original post.

  6. Not sure about the 4-5, but there's been times i've gotten jumped by 2-3 pips. Very frustrating.

    Commissions aren't bad though. 1 lot @ oanda = 1.2 pips spread. IB = 1 pip spread + 2.5 a side. It's a wash

    Comes out about the same unless you split the orders up and do fractional lots....that's when they really rape ya
  7. Locutus


    Well use limit stops then and see what happens.
  8. Dude, if you cannot trade IDEALPRO without substantial slippage...
    Just quit right now...
    The typical IDEALPRO trader gets price improvement on 20-30% of Limit Orders...
    Which you have never heard of.

    And stop spamming ET and with your assclown routine...
    You will do honor to my ignore list till you go busto...
    And can be a waiter full time.