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  1. My name is Thunderdog, and I abuse dietary fiber.
  2. Euww ... there's no need to inform us of your sexual habits.
  3. Obviously not that stupid evidenced by the numbers. Peer pressure plays a great role in most people's lives.
  4. yes. maybe in high school. no amount of peer pressure could make me do that now. i guess some people never grow up as evidenced by many on et.
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    It is not really about not growing up. It is a self-esteem issue.
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    while money, drinking and pussy won't pose any pressure on me to do anything at my age of been there done that, I can certainly see how it can open the gateway of hell for many who fall under this scenerio. Drinking and a couple of whacks while dancing with a hottie is very appealling... :D
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    ROTF! Good one :D


  8. I agree with you 100%
    From childhood I was never one to give in to peer pressure. Maybe its bcuz of the way my parents raised me to not let others around me influence my decisions, or not being the personality type of "following the crowd".

    Its funny how ppl nowadays just want to blame others around them for not being able to quell their addictions and other disorders.

    My father taught me a saying that is very true of society these days:
    Excuses are like assholes...everybody's got one.
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