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  1. Would you pay to associate with legit traders who's calls are monitored in R/T? No ambiguous BS... real-time calls with full metrics. Each member would carry a rating based-upon their risk-adjusted return.

    The forum would be fee-based, monthly, and the top performing members would receive a % of the subscription fees (risk-adjusted metric).

    What say you?
  2. It would also involve several chat rooms; optionality, futures, stocks, debt, etc.
  3. How do you choose the legit traders?
  4. Fee-based -- like $50 per month. The posts are time-stamp and checked against prevailing MTM. Not all posts have to be calls, but each trader's calls would be quantified as such.
  5. I don't believe anyone would pay. Look what happened to after they switched to a pay model. The Internet attracts the free lunch crowd( particullarly in the trading/finance world) -- I wouldn't invest.

  6. contra


    Yes absolutely. I have never heard of sumzero.

    Having a forum with real traders that are verified (no bullshit artists) with stats of their real-time calls and rated by risk-adjusted metrics, that is bad-ass.

    Even if it was just close knit, it would still be worth it for everyone involved I think.

    My question would be... who wouldn't pay for that?
  7. I would sign up for it in a heartbeat, as long as the fee was reasonable--$50/month seems more than fair. Surf might be right though in terms of there not being a large enough group willing to do it to make it worthwhile, if the goal is for the good traders to make money off the subscription fees. However, if the goal is to create a no-bs trading community through a small barrier to entry and verified calls (which atticus I think is your goal), then who cares if only 100 people sign up, it could be a very valuable forum. As long as the fees covered the site infrastructure and hosting, then everyone still wins.
  8. It's fair to assume you would be left out in the cold on this one.
  9. Yeah, the fees are partially an anti-troll device. The fees would be used to keep the site ad-free, as well as to fund a pool of cash payable to the top performers on the site. Anyway, that's how I see it.

    The value-add is in the relationships and coop-trading.
  10. Exactly!
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