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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by gdh, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. gdh


    Is there a way to not receive emails for new posts to forums I'm subscribed to? I'd prefer to just view them under my profile when I'm on the website rather than getting a bunch of emails.

  2. Joe


    Yes, there is.
    Go to this link, then at the bottom right side you will see "Show
    threads from" change it to "the beginning" then click "Unsubscribe
    From All Threads". If you do this you will not get any responses from
    the threads that you have responded to in the past (you can also
    unsubscribe to individual threads if you want, just look around and
    you will notice how it is done).

    Ok, now to the future. Next time you make a post, and you do not want
    to be notified of a response, look at the bottom when typing your
    reply where it says "Email Notification: Emails sent to you whenever
    someone replies." Uncheck this box and you will be all set.

    Also in the emails that you get there are 2 links, the first is to the
    thread, the second is to unsubscribe to it. Use it, if you don't want
    to keep receiving threads.

    Hope this helps,
    Joe A.