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Discussion in 'Options' started by steve0580, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Has anyone ever subscribed to redoption or any of their strategies?

    The reason I ask is because I'm curious of their win %. Is it worth $20 /month for their strategies?
  2. I subscribe to several of them. If you click on the link for "performance history", they'll generally write you back within 20 minutes or so. In general, the performance histories for each strategy over 3 years ranges from break even to REALLY good.

    I get two things out of them:
    1) Insight into how another trader is thinking about adjustments, entry conditions, and exit conditions.

    2) Pointers to unusual options situations that I hadn't considered trading as well as equities with interesting behavior that I hadn't looked at before.
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    About 6 months ago I looked into their track records for various advisories, the thing that stood out was that commissions added up quite a bit on the multi-leg strategies with adjustments and really ate into profits.

    However, as the previous poster noted, I think it is the educational value that you can get from them that's worth $20, more so than the profits, although no one, obviously, would mind earning some profit.:D

    I don't subscribe to any of the advisories and never did.
  4. Take a look at the new mini-basket advisory. They'll be combining the best of the multiple strategies in one portfolio. I ponied up $20 - cheap education.
  5. I tried to find their average return percentages and couldn't see anywhere on the site where it was posted.

    As far as for my own trading, if I were to subscribe, I would be looking for a medium to low risk profile and it seems most of the strategies shown, go into the medium to high risk area. Even so, if they are doing extremely well, I may be tempted to try it.
  6. One of their main strategies from what I have seen is selling creedit spreads/Iron Condors on the indexes. They do it much differently than I do but would still agree with you that these are not necesarily low risk or the most conservative of strategies. But RedOptions is focused mainly on option education so by all means look into their products and services because for $20 a month you can get a lot of value. RedOption is meant to develop a more educated option investor to feed into ThihnkorSwim's brokerage business. So they actually are interested in teaching you, despite the ultimate motive. Thus the low costs for the services.
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    Me too. The first trade they made was buying IWM put calendar. It's not easy to loose money on that one.
  8. Scott Synder (SNY) is a sharp but humble cookie.

    With regard the his track record just ask him...he'll tell you.

    BTW: I don't and haven't sub'd to his service.