Subprime woes spread to loans; stocks next

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  1. why dont you hope so?
  2. It is impolite to answera question with a question. But I still wonder why you are so keen on an implosion (unlikely) is there someone in the US you hope gets foreclosed? Will a debarcle in the subprime help your business?
  3. "Hope" is not a helpful emotion when trading.
  4. Hope Floats!!!
  5. apologies.

    my reasoning is this:

    i thought this was a problem from a few weeks ago but the usual wall st spin was put on it and now it is finally exposed as a crock of shit i hope the that justice is finally served up to these idiots.

    honestly, if i hear another person say this problem is contained im gonna puke.

    wake up fed , bernanke ,cnbc and wall st this is serious stuff.

    if something is valued at zero there has to be a bigger piture problem here.

    this is all being swept under the carpet.

    bernanke just refuses to believe it.

    if housing and construction and easy credit have been the arguement for the boom of the last 5 years then this has got to be the reversal trade from hell.

    bottom line is stocks will have to price in a recession at some point as subprime implodes and reaches the main housing market and credit markets.

    whoever else are holding similar subprime debt at the moment must be reading this news and shitting a brick.

    i can just picture the conversation.

    where is the bid?

    at zero sir.

    at where?

    at zero sir.

    what its worth nothing?

    yes sir.

    oh shit
  6. Apoligize my ignorance in economics, but, if there is less money in real estate doesn't it have to find other forms of equity, ie stocks?

    Also, since the break in the bond trend line, as yields go up and so do interest rates, I do agree that eventually there will be a turn in the market.

    But, we all know that this marks the beginning of the end, not the end itself. Still money to be made long.
  7. Manni


    cheap financing will be hit by the dollar waekness as well. Now its trading at 2.051 (USD/GBP). seems to be a relentless rise of the GBP against the USD.

    And a cheaper dollar will make imports more expensive, raising inflation fears.
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