Subprime, the Economy and what it really means "a must read"

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    I'm going to bounce this thread a few times because I think this is a VERY important article to read.

  3. That is a good read.
  4. thanks for the article..

    I like that he called the purchasers of subprime CDOs 'pregnant ghetto teenagers' :D

    I agree.. No bail out!
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    The sellers of the CDO's are not entirely out of the picture from what I hear, correct me if I'm wrong. They sell the portfolio but they keep the risk from defaults. Nobody mentions this.
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    Great article, very well written. Thanks for the link!

    Just after is was published, another major even unfolded: the carry trade (AUD/JPY) crashed. I would love to see his take on that, more on the global risk premium, and also analysis on the USD currency's recent behavior.
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