Subprime - Not an issue?

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  1. I have to say that I am becoming more and more convinced that the sub prime scare mongering is really only that and Amramgeddon has been avoided once again. Of course we will see down grades with some people losing money SO WHAT this happens everyday but as a part of the bigger picture I am not convinced it will seriously hurt the US/World economy and most of the hysterical reporting was just that.

    A bigger issue I feel could be the wafer thin junk bond spreads if we come into a soft patch but it is not as sexy a story I suppose!!
  2. It's a little worse than SARS, a little better than Corporate Scandals (Enron, Worldcom, etc)...
  3. I agree with that but to see all the hsyterical postings on here you would have thought the world was going to end.
  4. Hysterical postings here = no big deal..
    It's when there are no hysterical postings here that it's probably a big deal...
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    Sub prime = is a starter
    Alt A = is the main
    Prime = desert
  6. Not sure this will be a 3 course meal and it WONT as long as int rates stay around these levels below 7%. Too many positives in the market for this to turn ugly
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    Once again there are no worries in this great economy of ours............
  8. Thats what I was saying months ago

    markets at historic highs

    subprime who??? whattt?

    Only a handful of companies have been affected.

    No big deal

  9. Subs being bailed out.

    Many holders (consumers) in Subs have been allowed to refi.

    The collapse in home prices in "Target" areas are not due to Subs. They are do to over-speculation.

    The majority of Sub holders are the minority consumer, hence, forclosures in unpopular areas.

    Real Estate Market has had a soft landing and is projected to turn strong by next summer.

    Money will flow out of the Stock Market and into "Buying Opportunities" in Real Estate.

    Not saying that certain areas like Miami, Vegas, are not going to continue to devalue. However, the majority of areas, including Cali have stablized in price.

    Buyers are still a little trigger shy due to a lot of press and summer time is vactaion time.

    Looking at end of August-November to be a strong season for Real Estate in growth areas.

    "It ain’t supposed to look like that.

    The BBB stuff was doing this back in Feb when they were telling us how the problems in subprime would stay contained within subprime.

    Apparently the containment is spreading." :p :D :p
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