Subprime Exec Jumps 2 Death; Wife's Body Found @ Home

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    Mortgage firm exec jumps to death; wife's body found home
    by The Associated Press Friday January 18, 2008, 7:17 PM
    A high-ranking executive of a collapsed subprime mortgage lender jumped to his death from the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Friday, shortly after his wife's body was found inside their Burlington County home, authorities said.

    The deaths of Walter Buczynski, 59, and his wife, Marci, 37 -- the parents of two boys -- were being investigated as a murder-suicide, according to the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office.

    Prosecutor Robert Bernardi said Evesham Township police went to the couple's home in the Marlton section of the township around noon after a male caller asked them to check on Marci Buczynski's welfare. Her body was found in a bedroom.

    Authorities would not provide further details on her death, saying only that she was pronounced dead at the scene and that an autopsy would be performed sometime Saturday by the county medical examiner's office.

    About 20 minutes after her body was found, officers from the Delaware River and Bay Authority Police Department received reports that a man -- later identified as Walter Buczynski -- had parked his car on the bridge and jumped from the span.

    Crews continued to search for his body Friday night.

    Bernardi said a motive for the murder-suicide was not immediately clear. The couple's children were being cared for by family members, Bernardi said.

    Walter Buczynski was vice president of Columbia, Md.-based Fieldstone Mortgage, a high-flying subprime mortgage lender that made $5.5 billion in mortgage loans and employed about 1,000 people as late as 2006.

    However, it has since filed for bankruptcy and now has less than 20 employees. The company had recently filed court papers seeking approval to pay about $1.1 million in bonuses that would be divided among Buczynski and other staffers so the company could wind down its lending operations and go out of business.
  2. It probably wasn't business related. It's more likely that she was cheating on him, and he found out and took a dim view of it.
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    Cowardly selfish bastard. Suicide is the ultimate losers way out. To kill youself if you have kids is about the most selfish thing you can do.
  4. Yes you are right..wrong way to check out.
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    Excuse my ignorance, but why are they getting bonuses? Shouldn't that money go to repay debt?:confused:

    Don't mean to sound callous here, it is a tragic ending, but maybe if these Cos. were a little more frugal, they wouldn't be in such a mess.
  6. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, that is what is so great about this country: FREEDOM of SPEECH.

    And yes, that road is certainly not the best road to take. Feel bad for the children, traumatized, they certainly are, they need counseling because if they don't get it, it will certainly affect their lives today and tomorrow.

    We have no way of knowing the emotions this man had before committing his act and certainly shame has to be one of them. Weak he was, but I tell you the truth, it takes courage, YES courage, to be able to commit that horrifying act of suicide. Maybe courage is not the word, but to take your own really has to be in bad shape emotionally that he sees no way out but only death.
  7. It takes COURAGE to commit suicide??!!

    Maybe if you're in Japan a thousand years ago pal.

    Leaving kids behind because of financial loss is one of the most extreme acts of cowardice. Period.
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    every tragic act of that kind is different, i dont blame everyone who succombs to it, but judging by the way this guy lived his life, i'd blame him, for one thing, he murdered his kid's mother as he did it, so it's not like he tried to buffer the effect on others

    plus this prick lived it up big while he floated junk paper into old widows frugal retirements

    fucker was a pediphile, wife 22 years younger - she was an infant when he graduated college
  9. In my book, true courage is facing the music of your actions..good or bad and dealing with the full circumstances.
  10. "courage, to be able to commit that horrifying act of suicide. Maybe courage is not the word,"

    When you quote someone, quote it all or nothing. You sound like that broken record where the saying is...let me think...oh yeah..."MONEY is the root of all EVIL"...but what is in front of this phrase?

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