submitting track record to prop firm??

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Dvdman, May 2, 2012.

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    I applied to a prop firm with great reviews. I got an email back asking to submit 3 years of performance. I replied that I only had 16 months but I think he would be impressed. He said they are pretty strict with the 3 year rule but if its good he will take a look. I made charts and graphs and dresesd it up nice. I was thinking I submitted it with my monthly statements with all my trades. I have no special system but I do use a formula that I stick with. Should I have darkened out the trades but left the P&L? I wouldn't expect them to steal my way of trading but this is the first prop firm I applied to. Would they want to see all of my trades or should I have left some of it out? Thanks for any advice. Ill know what to do if I apply to another prop firm.
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    What is the name of the firm? Is it traditional prop where they back all their traders, or a JBO Member firm requiring a deposit?
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    Sounds like there's a discretionary element to your strategy. That being the case, I wouldn't worry too much about them stealing your system. You put two traders on the same system and you'll get 2 different results. I've yet to see a pure black box that doesn't have to be adjusted for changing market conditions.

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    No deposit required. I dont want to give out the name but:

    XXXX is a global leader in technology-driven trading with offices in All over the globe.

    It is a privately funded proprietary trading firm with no outside investors or customers, trading across all major

    The firm focuses on cutting-edge technology
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    How long should i expect to wait for them to respond if they even do?