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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by shorty_mcshort, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. I got the overflow message with IB Excel API last week and after following their instructions on how to fix it I finally got it to work, sometimes. In excel it is telling me that I submitted the orders but in TWS the number of orders I submitted is about half of what it shows in Excel. I submit about 90 orders a day. So obviously I am looking outside of the IB API excel sheet.

    So here is my question I am looking at other software to simply submit orders in Excel. I have all my formulas in excel and all I need is to submit them in excel that is compatible is IB and can handle advisor accounts. I have looked at some software this weekend and looks like it would best fit my needs but I dont really want to pay $80/month in order to use it if I find something a little cheaper. TradeBullet looks promising also.

    Does anyone know of a simple easy way to submit orders to IB (advisor account) through Excel?

    I am not a programmer although I would like to learn how to do this stuff. I have immediate needs to take care of first.

  2. Clym


    Just to clarify.

    Are you saying that you changed
    "DAYS_PRIOR_TO_DDE_API = 37000"
    "Const DAYS_PRIOR_TO_DDE_API = 39000"

    (posted by users as a fix in the ib forums)

    and now you submit orders without the overflow message, but the orders are wrong/partial?

    If so I have some work/testing/troubleshooting to do.

    Thanks for any info.
  3. After I downloaded both new API software and TWS and tried it again (for the 100th time) I was able to finally get it to work today the way it should. All orders submitted and not one missed.