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  1. Hi,

    My strategies are written in R and they generate the desired positions to a textfile.

    Does anyone know of a program or script that could take a textfile as input and send the orders to IB TWS? This script/program could be written in any language.

    I will schedule the script to run every 5 minutes. I can easily modify the format of the textfile.

    This seems such a common need that I decided to ask here before I proceed to write one myself.
  2. Look up "basket trader" on the IB website, you can save orders as a text, and upload in text format.
  3. tnx but the problem with basket trader is that it has to be run manually. Baskettrader cannot AFAIK be run without user intervention.
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    People did something like that with Tradestation 2000. I don't recall the details. It was the inelegant solution that worked just fine.

    I'm familiar with Sierracharts, a script can indeed read/write text files and interface them to IB's API.

    Hyperorder was the thing a few years ago but I don't know if it's supported anymore

    Tradelink is open source, it might work for you somehow..
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  6. My application does that (although it's not much used for that purpose).

    In the "Order enqueuer" (gear icon) you can specify to read a given file called "MyOrders.txt" placed in a given folder. At any change of the file (creation/change), any order not earlier enqueued would be scheduled for execution. It can be executed either at given price or current price. Order format is like:

    0001 AAPL STK IBIS_EUR BUY 1 @ 504.15
    0002 AAPL STK IBIS_EUR SELL 1 @ 504.95
    0003 AAPL STK NASDAQ_USD BUY 1 @ 663.14
    0004 AAPL STK NASDAQ_USD SELL 1 @ 663.21
    0005 AGQ STK ARCA_USD BUY 1 @ 57.68
    0006 AGQ STK ARCA_USD SELL 1 @ 57.71

    You can <a href="">request</a> it freely to experiment.
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions! Will look into them to see if I can avoid re-inventing the wheel this time.

    No suggestions for scripts using the R package IBrokers so far? The rest of my algorithms are in R, altough that doesnt actually matter in this case.
  8. Bracket trader does this. Put the order in a text file in a particular folder and BT reads it.
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    Why not use twsOrder and placeOrder in IBrokers package in R??? :confused:
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    for x in f.readlines():
    order = Order(v)

    PM me if you want the Order() and twsclient code
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