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  1. I have a domain (call it with a fixed IP address which I want to create a subdomain under ( which points to an open port (not port 80, but some other random port) on my local PC.

    Although I have a dynamic IP address on my local PC, it's pretty much fixed unless I change the MAC address on my router (cable modems tend to keep the same IP indefinitely, at least near me).

    Can this be done, and if it can, how can I do it?

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    yes, it can be done. Technically, it's done changing your DNS:

    practically, it's better if you talk to your ISP. If your ISP doesn't want to do it there is not much you can do.
    I'm not sure you can change the port, though. HTTP is standard on port 80. What you can do is change the links that point to your subdomain. When you want to access a web page on another port you can do that by specifying in the url:
  3. lets say your IP address is

    and DNS A DNS A

    should do it

    i remember i've done that w/ b/c port 80 was blocked