Sub Penny Prints on C

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by GregoryG, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. GregoryG


    What are those sub-penny prints on C??
    what ECN to access them

    I thought only stocks below 1.00$ trade in the subs.

  2. GregoryG


    today i saw PSE prints. Those I believe are ARCA. how can that be?
  3. half cent bids,

    harbinger of things to come?
  4. none of those sub-penny prices show on my feed. i think your app has a bug... looks like a floating point issue.
  5. gaj


    i wouldn't be surprised if there were sub pennies on C. i've seen it on a fair number of other stocks, C fits the characteristics of those stocks..
  6. trom


    midpoint orders
  7. GregoryG


    what are those?
    what ECNs/ Pools support them?

    (ps it is not my feed, those are actual executions)
  8. trom


    Off the top of my head, BATS, ARCA, and ISE. Check the ECNs' websites for more info.

    Lots of dark pools will fill at a partial penny, as well.
  9. bb3pt


    In the past I have sub penny filled on ARCA. I do not know how that happen. But I have gotton filled on a number of times on ARCA.
  10. Kudos on the attachment, you even added a shadow to the arrow :)
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