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How quickly are your orders routed and placed live in the orderbook?

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  1. I've been trading a bit over the last few years with custom software I've built for the cryptocurrency space.. mainly on Coinbase.

    With Coinbase I can get a level-3 data feed with sub-10ms latency (as long as my algo is running in AWS), and I can get execution times on the order or 20ms or so. Is there any way I can get similar results in the traditional finance world, or will I always be doomed to have my orders front-run by faster, better (physically co-located) algos?

    I'm thinking about dipping my toe in the traditional finance system with CME futures for Bitcoin (makes sense, right?). Is there a full orderbook data feed that has under say, 20ms of latency that can be purchased? Any brokers that can guarantee order placements under 50ms, or 100ms at most?
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    When it comes to Bitcoin futures (full or micro-size) what you should be concerned about, waaaay before speed, is the bid-ask spread.
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    You should be hearing from NinjaMobile Trader VPS in 3...2...1...
  5. For brokers, a popular low margin broker for CME bitcoin futures and bitcoin micro futures is NinjaTrader. Here their direct link:

    Other brokers like Interactive Brokers also support CME bitcoin futures, but the margin requirement is substantially larger:

    Our VPS has 1ms latency to CQG and Rithmic. For example, here is ping to CQG:

  6. >> When it comes to Bitcoin futures (full or micro-size) what you should be concerned about, waaaay before speed, is the bid-ask spread.

    Thanks, I agree, but let's assume I have that figured in already, and let's assume portfolio management is also already baked in: Now the remaining questions are around market data speed and execution speed.

    Thanks @ZBZB, @Overnight...

    Unfortunately, Of the options mentioned so far:

    I have not been able to find API documentation anywhere. I'd like to know that real-time Level-2 or Level-3 data is available before jumping down a rabbit-hole. Looking for something akin to:

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    "Cart before the horse".
  8. @SunTrader, Thanks for your opinion, but I know what I'm doing. Maybe in your experience you consider the difficulties of negotiating wide bid/ask spreads and portfolio management to be tall hurdles; but for me, those issues are decided, and not the topic of this thread.

    At this point, if I am going to commit significant development resources toward platform integration, I need to know exactly what I'm going to be getting. If you can help me answer the questions surrounding finding low-latency-from-the-market Level-2 or Level-3 data, please advise.

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    Contact them for api info.
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    I even have no clue how to measure the EXACT execution time.
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