Stupidity of the Death Sentence & US Supreme Court

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TheBlackHand, Jul 23, 2012.

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    The US Supreme Court has said whether you did the crime isn’t relevant under the US constitution to whether you should be executed for it.

    Did you know that per capita, American courts execute more people than Iranian courts. Which is the more uncivilised?

    If the death penalty was a meaningful deterrent, how come the murder rate in America is still so much higher than other 'first world' countries that do not have the death penalty?
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    Also, where is the (reliable) link that shows the Supreme Court said anything like that?
  4. So begins the liberal plea to save the Batman killer and turn him into the victim.
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    Read the article. The inmate is clearly innocent, yet the American judicial system doesnt care.

    Why is that?

    Is that fair?

    Are you proud that such injustice exists in a supposed fair and free 'democracy'?
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  7. I've always been a fan of Escape from NY.

    We should offer all short term inmates the option to be set free on the Aleutian Islands in Alaska and banish all long term 10+ year prisoners there.

    If they survive good for them either way we save 90% of our prison costs and can covert them to housing and hospitals for our homeless vets.

    Seems assinine we are willing to spend $46K per year per prisoner.
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    So because of the slant of the article, you make it seem like the Supreme Court came out and said something absurd.

    Yellow Journalism at it's finest!