Stupidest Woman Alive: Pelosi: 500 Million Americans will lose their jobs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Compulsive, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. :confused:

    "Nancy Pelosi must be the stupidest woman alive. The Speaker of the house stating that 500 million Americans will lose their jobs if we do not buy their pork package.

    Somebody tell her that the population is only 300 million and the entire workforce less than 150 million.

    I hope 100% of all Congress critters lose their jobs.

    Imagine if Bush or a Republican had said this? We would see it on More.. the TV 24/7 for the next four years. CNN would run a special."

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  2. ess1096


    That moron is the 3rd most powerful American in office. And of course NOBODY in the media called her out on it, they just let it slide. That should scare the shit out of every American! God help us!
  3. Pelosi is one of the main reasons the US is going down the crapper in the past couple years. She deadlocked congress causing the republicans to become lame duck. So the only shit that passed the house was socialists agenda.
  4. wow. and the press didn't even seem to blink or make any guffaws when she made that statement
  5. That's cuz day be in LUV wid' hur!
  6. Illum


    I just how love how she took the nation by storm saying we must end the war. And then has control of congress in every way for years and does nothing to stop it. Blatant liar.

    I actually want this war to end, so I really don't love it, and I hope she falls in a pit of acid, but I digress.
  7. Bot_Pimp


    She said 10 pound weight had been lifted off her chest when Bush left town. I think he was heard saying the same thing about having to work with her.

    Would the Fairness Doctrine require this video clip to be played on PBS CBS NBC MSNBC CNN and university classrooms?
  8. Typical liberal imbecile. Nothing they say shocks me. Socialist, power crazed control-freaks bent on destroying the fabric of America as we know it.

    Notice she said "Every month we don't have a recovery package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs-"

    That's a billion people in two months. 3x our population.

    Another liberal moron. Wake me from this nightmare! :mad:
  9. Banff01


    I'd say that either they all immediatelly realized that she meant 50 million people and did not want to interrupt her or they are all complete morons. :D
  10. Lucrum


    We have an unqualified president who thinks there are 57 states in the union.

    A VP who thinks people in wheel chairs can stand up and walk

    and a speaker of the house who thinks 158% of our population will lose their jobs if we don't support their liberal pork spending.

    And yet the media, Hollywood and the sheep shit for brains masses who put them there think we are actually lucky to have them.

    Have I mentioned lately just how fucked we are?
    #10     Feb 4, 2009