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  2. When I read about incidents like these, I wonder if that shit would fly in an inner city school. You know, an all black school, with a black principle. I doubt they have a policy such as this and if they did they'd never enforce it.
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    Nutmeg I go to Camden High school for one year then I move away. But is no one thinking about a punishment for hug to your friend. Is not all black high school, I am not black but is I think 50/50 latino and black. They worry for violence with knife and guns, and they worry for drugs and they worry for absence. To show affection is not some kind of crime there.
  4. Thanks for the reply, makes sense.

    I might be wrong here but I suppose if we get rid of violence, drugs and guns in the school, next up is to forbid more mundane behaviour such as hugs and then sexual innuendo (which is a daily diet on tv, music videos and lyrics).
  5. What the hell? :(