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  1. Dont island reverse if you are not going to go trend day up. Who the hell cause the island? idiot!
  2. actually if we get a trend day today i bet a lot of guys will lose a lot of money.
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    How hasn't this been (so far) a trend day up? ES never traded lower on the day. I wouldn't call the earlier 3.75 rotation off the highs (82.75 down to 79.00) a reversal.
  4. i bet a lot of guys are betting on chop before august 8 - that's why we have all these low volume low trading range days.
  5. btw don't call my market stupid!!!

  6. Yes the "delta" stayed positive that whole rotation and then gave two good opportunities to get LONG for the run up above the previous the pullback was a second chance to get on the LONG train.
  7. A trend day shouldnt test the opening low, should it? I guess the buyers didnt show their hands until the last second (europe's close). More power to them!
  8. 1280 cash.... look out
  9. the gap fade is the most popular strategy out there because it is essentially a countertrend strategy and people love to fight the trend...i bet max pain on gap days for most traders
  10. By reversal, i mean the island reversal. The down gap from monday's low to Tue's high, and tue's high to today's low. No trades (gap) from 1278 to 1279.
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