Stupid Etrade Sucks!

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  1. 1) no one answered the damn phone. one freaking hour was wasted!

    2) their chat has had "technical problem" for the last two days!!

    3) sent them a message, no one has answered it. Still waiting, this is the fifth day!!!
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  2. TD Ameritrade my friend. TD Ameritrade....
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    Hi, HeSaidSheSaid-At Lightspeed, a division of Lime Brokerage, we do not offer free commission. What we do offer is choice of professional software, with choice of routing, choice of per trade or per share commissions and a service/support staff that answer the phone and/or emails. And, if you choose me as your salesperson, you get access to me for added support. I generally respond to emails 7 days a week. Over the past volatile market, our software and routing performed very well. In fact, I did not receive one customer complaint of slowness or disconnect on Lightspeed Trader, Sterling Trader Pro or RealTick. Contact me directly if you have any questions.
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    You must be joking...... TDA also has tons of tons of issues recently.
  5. Fine, go use Robinhood then.
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    Or TradeZero America. Commission free smart routing or commission free direct market access routing, all using professional grade platforms. We also offer free versions of software available on web and mobile.
  7. But explain the interesting history and numerous jobs of your compliance and other officers from firms that were shut down before we should jump ship.
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    TradeZero America has 0 disclosures as a firm. We encourage all investors to do their due diligence on their firms and checking broker check will show that the firm does not have any disclosures. As it relates to our CCO, we believe that he is a great compliance officer, is well respected in the industry, and although he has a disclosure, we are highly comfortable and confident in his abilities. We also believe in good people, of which he is one.
  9. As a firm you are new but it could raise a question mark on character given the history of some the reps hired which can been seen under brokercheck, I guess good for you giving so many people a second chance:
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    A lot of people on this Board beat up IB. I’ve had an account with them 22yrs . During the 2000 bubble , 2008 crisis , and now I’ve traded 100’s of millions of shares and probably 100’s of thousands of futures contracts and they’ve been almost flawless .
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