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  1. How come when I look at all these ETFs, the chart only goes back say, 3 months, 6 months? Do they just not offer charting records going back that far (the brokers?), or do the funds somehow get renamed and or reset?

    For instance, I have just recently started trading USO, my broker only offers charts going back to April 2006, EWW only goes back to October or November.

    Anyone want to give me the quick watered down answer? Just dont want to get caught with my pants down when they say "fund expired, take position as is" or something very bizarre like that.
  2. Why don't you subscribe to a proper data service provider/charting package other than relying on your broker? As it is, you've already dropped your pants and may soon lose your a$$.

    As for USO, QCharts shows data as of 4/10/06 which is probably when it first began trading. EWW, they show data since 03/1996 which looks like the inception date.
    Check for details like this too.
  3. Those ETFs started trading recently. There were a bunch of new ETFs in 2006 and hundreds more in the pipeline. lists the inception date for USO as April 10, 2006.

  4. Bigcharts is free. EWW goes back to 1996
  5. Ha, thank you for your concern. I use TeleTrader services for my forex trading, I do not trade stocks/etfs often. I do not want another service I wont use.

    USO was listed in 2006 as another poster stated, that is what I was interested in.
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    check out etfdigest as well..

    now over 300 etfs and growing....should be over 1000 etfs by end of 2008.
  7. Thanks for the help folks, I was unaware ETFs were just now becoming a big thing. Will log all the links, I appreciate it.
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    They are finally making headlines, 2006 I think was the beginning where ETFS started to finally get some attention.

    I remember my first trade in an ETF, QQQ back at 21-22 years and years ago. To bad I didnt stay long, I would have seen a nice 100% gain.
  9. Im with ya... woulda coulda shoulda! :)