Stupid Alaska can't count a few thousand votes

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  1. And it's been a week now since the election. With a dumb fuck as a governor, who's surprised ?
    Forget ideology, I'll vote for a Klan member if they were competent, GEEZ, the incompetence in this country surrounding elections is nothing short of amazing.
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    Alaska is a rather large state:

    "Why are there so many votes left uncounted so long after the election?

    Elections director Gail Fenumiai says there's always a lag in counting absentee votes in Alaska, where far-flung communities and sometimes erratic mail delivery mean ballots can trickle in for days."
  3. Well you can be sure that there is going to be wholesale "vote reinterpretation" Stevens will probably win, then get kicked out or resign.
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    they don't have enough fingers
  5. Begich is in the lead now:
    Looks like the Alaskans actually did the right thing and kicked Ted Tubes Stevens out. The remaining ballots to be counted are all in Begich favored precincts.
  6. I realize you don't know dick about many things-though you think you do-but typically in Chicago absentee ballots aren't counted by the legal certification date. I recall two elections this decade when the Chicago Board of Elections has needed to go to court to get the date extended. Unlike Alaska Chicago precincts aren't hundred miles apart and in Chicago there really isn't even a need to hold elections......
  7. Blagojevich is a failure TOO. This voting stuff is a national problem
  8. Elections are LOCAL. Blagojevich is a dildo but he doesn't appoint election officials in Cook County any more than Palin does in some artic outpost in Alaska. This entire early voting/absentee voting thing is WAY out of hand.
  9. Alaska doesn't seem to be missing just a few votes from a few precincts from some God forsaken arctic outpost, they had 90k almost 1/3 of the vote still to count as of yesterday. Problem is statewide, governor shares some responsibility.
    I disagree with you on the early/ absentee voting. I think it should be generalized. it's stupid that people have to wait 4 hours to vote, if it were up to me,Oregon with its mail-in vote would be THE example to emulate
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    Not true. All of Oregon's voting is done by mail and they do just fine. It's a matter of will, not a lack of a way.
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